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Major Third-Party Victory: Jill Stein And Gary Johnson Have Been Selected As Podiums For Tonight’s Debate

There’s no doubt the current presidential election is going to come down to a race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean third-party candidates shouldn’t still be on your radar. If you thought the Green Party and Libertarian Party were done for at this point, it’s time to think again, because Jill Stein and Gary Johnson have been selected to be podiums for tonight’s debate!

Looks like these underdogs are fighting ’til the end!

With Trump and Clinton being the clear front-runners this election, it’s a huge victory for third parties to have their representatives on stage acting as podiums for the duration of the first presidential debate. Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson have both more than earned their places on the ballot, and that’s exactly why they’ve been asked to crouch down and be completely still as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand behind them and verbally spar with each other over our country’s future.

The American electoral system makes it very difficult for third parties to have a voice, but these two are showing how resilient they are, proudly stepping onto the national stage to pose as silent, perfectly still human tables for 90 minutes straight. Tonight, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson will be right next to the big dogs, freezing their contorted bodies into a boxy shape, and holding microphones so the major party candidates can speak to millions of voters all across the nation.

Sorry, haters, but these two are here to stay!

In this ever-shifting political landscape, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are proving that third parties aren’t going down without a fight, and that they’re ready to be podiums on the biggest political stage. And if this stirring manifestation of America’s democratic process doesn’t make you swell with pride, then we don’t know what will.