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Must-See TV: Bill Maher Spent The Entirety Of Last Night’s ‘Real Time’ Episode Tearfully Trying To Free Himself From A Chinese Finger Trap

Log onto your HBO Go account right now, because this is an episode of television you won’t want to miss. Apparently, Bill Maher did something totally perfect last night, and spent a full hour of Real Time tearfully trying to free himself from a Chinese finger trap.

Whoa. There’s no way THAT could have aired on cable!?

Maher apparently hit the ground running last night when he walked on stage looking visibly distraught with his fingers stuck inside a dollar-store finger trap, his eyes already red from crying. Sources say that Maher let his curiosity get the best of him when he plugged his fingers into the toy backstage, and by the time taping started, the TV host had already spent hours working himself into a full-blown panic.

Apparently, most of the episode is so controversial it didn’t even make it to the internet. While snippets of last night’s S.E. Cupp interview are already on YouTube, Maher’s jaw-dropping plea for Cupp to free him from the trap are still being held by HBO. Also, not a single clip of Maher’s conversation with Ken Bone can be found online, because the host reportedly interrupted him several times to say, “If I pull any harder, I’m scared I’ll pull a finger out of its socket.”

Damn. Bill Maher has been on late night for so many years at this point, and you’ve GOTTA think this has something to do with it.

Throughout the show, cameras were desperate to keep the flailing host out of their shot, but audio equipment clearly picked up Maher shuffling on his knees from across the stage, begging audience members to cut him free. Maher then apparently wedged both his legs through his arms in an attempt to push the trap of his fingers with the bottom of his feet, but ended up throwing out his back and had to deliver his closing remarks from the floor.

Needless to say, this will DEFINITELY go down in TV history. There’s no doubt about that.

With so many cable late-night hosts on the air right now, leave it to Bill Maher to still stand out from the crowd. No matter what you think of him, this is an episode that will be watched for weeks to come!