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Nothingdiffernt Bewtween Being Alive And Bring Dead, (By Queen Elizabeth II)


Bloggin ang log: Log. LOG ME, . , IN




PLANTWORDL L  L L    L L L    L L L L L : Chalwerb1948

hello ao K k nn , it is The Queek   mn I am a blogger ,    hhhh wlecome! to me.


Greetin’gs fellow mes, I ,am the Queek. To you today.


Lotta culture BElieve different thangs about what haootyen when quen die: Christian beluff’s that I go to Hell if Im are bad and Hearven if I;m are good, Jwish beleive same thing, Atherist beleive same thing, Hondu bleierve same thing , Mlusim belief same thing, anctually everybosdty believe same thing. But thy’re are all rrong ,

Lotta quention I get askes, “How being alinve Driffernt thant being dead? ?” It;s a 4easy quwestikn, burt an even easier answer: Be dead is it not diffent at all then be aliff! Same thring. If youy’re worried about die, don’t, unless your worried about alive, then worry just as nuch.

Deadth Sam exaclt thing as alife: Wake up, go tonto compotore, browns emails, look FaceBoak, Do a bit of spriteful BLogging , take a lot of Medicime, photograph of horse, special Carm , bathtube, react to Things Happen, think some, have a wafer and glass of Broaf, walk small feet close tofather, keep hand;s waving at all three times, try to smile but cant , mouthly Lengthargic groans, trimp and fall , kneecap promblem  , remove kneecap , now fine, ,

   I arm srtuck in pruse, little ears Hearing, remove fingernailts, one eye can open, good, look at palace croins for 18 minute ,try to rremnber whereI sealed (secret Proncess to feed her her air, crying always. This Is Death. Same as thing;s I wasdoing When I was alive , Do you go back to being yourng? No , actually Just keep getting olderr, too epensive to get young I guess, but dirrefent between alife and dealth is extrumely mimimal.


When I diead Is frineeds and Family arond? Yes. But Only Dead ones. And yes, They are totnally dead, not move or think, rotting and skeleotn, dont know why death diffrent for them than me, guess because I am the Queeb or maybe becaosse I know mo,re about computern, But yeah a little more disgusting than when they were alife.

 So, would I remmocend Being deand? Absonotly! Thank is a question that You’re have to answer for yourslef based on it really deprends , It Defintently hurts a LOT to b e dead , lot of time is spend simply Lengthargic groaning , crying from whole body , So guess the quwention is “OK, Do ooyuo like to be a painful man? Do you wanna groan? OK ! Then maube death is for o yyuo. But Staying a life is nice way Because you are still eligible to win contest’s and giveaway;s, unfrontununtly you cant win ANYTHRUNG if you’re dead and trust me, I’ve checked. not even Bringo. There’ss no “one size fit all” solution that gonna santafy everyone. For me, I thank that being dead Is good fit because I oprefer a  deadlike lifestyle anyways. Mayeb for you, differnret thing. And That was makes being a blogger so much fun ,


From Inside The Pearly Kingdom of Heavment,

 Her Roytal Marghretti, Quenn Elendrabth IIII,