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Oh Great, The Fog Is Here: It Is Now Very Foggy On Top Of Everything Else

Ugh. Just…Ugh. As if there wasn’t already enough bleakness, uncertainty, and full-blown panic going on in the world today, things just took yet another turn for the worse. It is now foggy on top of everything else.

Fucking Christ. No two ways about it, the fog is here to decrease visibility, make things humid, and make outside look dreary.

There hasn’t been much hope in the air lately, but no one expected a gut punch like it becoming foggy. Now, cars must drive slower, it is harder to see things in the distance, and it is less sunny. Dear God, what have we done to deserve fog at a time like this? Why are we being punished with this dreary air? Many of us were close to our breaking points as it was.

How can we carry on through all the madness and suffering in the world now that we’ve also got to deal with the fog?

No one knows for sure how long it will be foggy, but forecasts are saying at least a few hours, if not more. Humanity has dealt with fog before, but not at a time like this. It remains to be seen how well we can handle it, but hopefully is the resilience and spirit that has gotten us through wars, famine, plagues, and disasters will help us get through the fog.

Buckle up, folks. The fog is here.