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Oh, Jesus: It Smells Like Something Got Into This List Of Harry Styles Pics And Died

There’s never a bad time to look at pics of the amazing Harry Styles. He’s got talent, looks, and personality, and we’re so excited to…oh, Jesus…do you smell that? Something in this list smells absolutely awful. It absolutely smells like something got into this list and died.

Okay, something is definitely rotting somewhere in this list. You can hardly breathe without gagging. Anyway, here’s Harry Styles wowing the crowd at—oh, God, it’s really hard to concentrate. What the hell is that smell?

Sorry, the stench is just so nauseating. We’re going to have to figure out what smells so bad in this list of Harry Styles pics. It definitely smells like a dead animal.

We’ll get back to freaking out over Harry Styles in a second. We’ve got to figure out where this smell is coming from.

God. The stench is all over the list. It’s worked its way into every single Harry Styles pic. Once we figure out where the smell is coming from, we’re going to need to have the whole list disinfected in order to get it fit for public consumption again.

Seriously, what on earth could possibly smell this bad? This whole list reeks.

Okay, now, see, here’s the problem. There’s a dead fox rotting in this list. Poor bastard must have crawled into the list and died. Judging by the smell, it’s been rotting for three or four days at least. Ugh. It’s putrid. Okay, we’re going to have to get animal control to get this thing out of here. Sorry the stench has ruined the Harry Styles list.

How the hell did a fox even get into this list in the first place? That shouldn’t happen.

This was a perfectly good list of Harry Styles pics, and there’s no reason why a fox should even be snooping around in here. The smell is even worse on this pic of Harry looking like a courageous dreamboat in Dunkirk than it is on the other pics. The stench is so strong that you can taste the dead fox in your mouth. It’s horrible.

Oh, well, this explains a hell of a lot. Someone left a hamburger in the list. Of course the fox smelled this thing and found his way into the list to try to get a bite, and that’s when it got stuck in the list and died. Someone is definitely getting fired over this. It’s just so careless to leave food sitting around in a perfectly good list. It attracts animals, and that’s what’s happened here.

Alright, we’re apologize for the dead fox smell. We’re going to get a cleaning crew to disinfect this list and then get it back up and running in a more presentable form. Sorry about that. Please check back later.