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Oh, No, Is This The Blog Post Where I Say I Still Support Bill Cosby?

It seems like every day, a new revelation in the Bill Cosby rape scandal emerges. So far, more than 35 women have accused him of rape, drugging, and sexual assault. For now, at least, nothing has been proven in a court of law, and oh, God, is this the blog post where I say I still support Bill Cosby?

Oh, fuck. I hope it’s not. It’s probably not that, right?

As accusers continue to come forward, it’s getting harder and harder to discount the fact that Cosby has made some serious mistakes in his life, and so far, so good, but I haven’t made a decisive “He is a monster” statement. Why haven’t I done that? Jesus Christ, don’t let it be because this is the blog where I try to actually say Cosby is innocent.

With court dates looming, we are thankfully getting closer to a resolution in this case and to sorting out fact from fiction. Maybe I’ll write “He is a monster” later on in this post? Please, please, please let that be the concluding sentence.

It seems that, for the time being, the one thing we can say with certainty is that Bill Cosby is a complex man.

Holy shit. Why did I just write that “complex man” line? It seemed evenhanded at the time, but just look at it! It could be read as cutting him some slack! But that’s not what I meant, right? Jesus, don’t let that be the fucking pull quote.

…Bill Cosby is a complex man.

Cosby’s accusers are many, and their stories are brutal, and I really, really hope I don’t try to do the thing where I point out holes in the accusers’ stories. Good God, that would be bad. The time has come for everyone associated with Cosby to reckon with the accusations and try to make sense of them. Fuck, you know someone’s going to write a pro-Cosby piece, and I hope it’s not me.

As the case against the 78-year-old comedian mounts, it is crucial to recognize the fact that Christ, don’t let this sentence end with “Bill Cosby deserves his day in court.”

We have to ask ourselves why the accusers chose to come out now, and oh, man, please don’t let me tweet this article out with “The Case For Cosby” or “Why I Think Bill Cosby Got A Raw Deal.” That better not be something I do. Just let me get through this without writing “innocent until proven guilty” and I should be good.

So it appears that, for now, Bill Cosby remains legally innocent of any wrongdoing, and the truth, well, to me the truth is apparent. Please, please, please don’t be mad at me.