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OMG: This Creative Boyfriend Proposed To His Girlfriend Without An Elaborate Viral Video

Just when you thought romance was dead, Jason Mueller is giving us hope for all the Romeos out there with the most imaginative marriage proposal idea we’ve ever heard: Jason popped the question to his girlfriend, Claire Hoss, without turning it into an elaborate, choreographed viral video. And of course she said yes!

According to Jason, the idea just came to him, and he immediately knew it was perfect:

“I decided not to film my proposal to Claire, because it was a private moment between me and her,” Jason told us. “After I proposed, we called our parents and our closest friends, and they were able to share the moment with us.”


Jason pulled out all the stops, going way above and beyond by proposing to Claire not in a crowded public park, but after having dinner in their apartment. And get this: not a camera in sight. Genius.

Take some notes, fellas! This is how you wow your bride-to-be. The stakes have been raised!

Leaving no stone unturned, Jason went the extra mile of not getting in contact with any bands or sports teams to coordinate proposing to Claire at a concert or game, where their moment would be captured on a Jumbotron and dozens of cell phones.

Not only did he not upload any video of the proposal, he also didn’t link to his personal Twitter and Facebook in the description of that video to gain followers. No—Jason wanted to go much, much bigger than that.

“When I woke up the next morning and saw that there was no video of Jason’s proposal and my acceptance trending on YouTube, I was just so happy,” Claire told us. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”