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Parenting FTW: This Amazing Dad Dressed Up Like A Pirate To Tell His Kids That They Were Getting A New Microwave

Now here’s a story of a parent going above and beyond the call of duty that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Grant Wingert may not be a household name, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a major parenting superstar, because this 36-year-old father of three just gave his kids the ultimate surprise: He dressed up in a head-to-toe pirate costume all to let them know they were getting a new microwave.

Total parenting win. Can you say “Dad of the Year”?

When Grant first realized his kitchen needed a new microwave, he immediately knew it was an opportunity to do something extra special for his kids to break the news. After taking the time to pick out the perfect captain’s hat, eye patch, and swashbuckling cutlass, Grant surprised his kids on a Tuesday afternoon by walking into the living room in full pirate getup and described how any buccaneer worth their sea salt would happily walk the gangplank if it meant getting a “frozen vegetable” setting on a new microwave. He then showed his kids the earmarked Sears catalog that he’d pierced through with the authentic-looking pirate hook on his hand, and began to walk them through several models he had his eye on. As if that weren’t amazing enough, Grant never once wavered from his flawless pirate’s voice, even when discussing the comparative plate rotating speeds on the Panasonic NN-SN966S and the Samsung MS11K3000AS.

So awesome. Um, can all dads be as cool as Grant?

After Grant’s totally epic surprise, all the kids piled into the backseat of his Honda Civic and headed off to the mall, with Grant still dedicated to preserving the magic by remaining in character, even as he quizzed a sales associate on the usable capacities of midsize countertop microwaves and how they differed from the usable capacities of built-in microwaves with lower wattages.

Hell yeah. It’s not every day you see a parent as dedicated to making his kids’ day as Grant. Other dads take note, because this is absolutely parenting done right.