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Pathetic: This Wedding Table Of Late 30-Something Singles Thinks They’re The Fun Table

Get ready to feel some second-hand cringe, because the scene going down at a wedding in Montclair, NJ is truly pathetic: This wedding table of late 30-something singles thinks they’re the fun table.

Yikes. This is hard to watch.

Tragically, this group of eight 30-something singles has officially declared that the reason they were assigned to the same table is because they’re the “fun people,” even though their common denominator is quite obviously that they’re just stragglers who haven’t hit any of the milestones that most people their age have. Although their table is literally in the back of the ballroom and couldn’t be further from the bride and groom, these delusional near-40-year-olds, have convinced themselves that it’s not their lack of plus-ones that led to them being placed randomly with a bunch of people they’ve never met at a table next to the caterer’s station, but rather that they were the “troublemakers” who were definitely going to “get way too rowdy to be near the front!”

How truly disturbed. These people are fully delusional.

It’s bad enough that these middle-aged failures think they’re the life of the party, but it’s even worse that their definition of a wild time seems to be drinking a tequila soda past 9 P.M. and eating two slices of cake. Despite the fact that nobody paid this group any attention when they “hilariously” did the Macarena dance to “Blurred Lines,” they spent the rest of the night laughing about how “insane” and “lit” they were acting, as well as making completely unsupported claims that the bride’s parents were going to “kick them out” if they did something like that again.

Good Lord.

Before the end of the night, this group made sure to pile into the photo booth to memorialize the “fun table,” and, horribly, they decided it was “so crazy” and “classic them” that they were all wearing random pirate hats and sunglasses in the photo, even though literally everyone also wore that stuff in their photo booth pictures, because they were literally supplied by the company that makes the photo booth for the purpose of being worn in the photos.

This is just so, so sad. If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, consider leaving any 30-something singles off the guest list entirely so as not to risk something this pathetic happening at your own ceremony. It’s one of the most humiliating and painful things to watch. Here’s hoping a similar group of oblivious losers never gets invited to a wedding again!