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Perils Of Socialism: Sweden Used To Be A Prosperous Nation. Then They Became Socialist. Today Their Country Is Known As Venezuela

Liberal idiots are flocking to the siren call of socialism, convinced that they’re special snowflakes who deserve everything for free. Sure, free healthcare sounds nice, but countries that try socialism always pay the price. Just look at the sad example of once-prosperous Sweden, which ruined itself with socialism and today is called Venezuela.

What a tragedy! Sweden was once the jewel of Scandinavia, but it’s now an economically ravaged South American hellhole.

Just a few years ago, you could walk down the streets of capitalist Stockholm and see flourishing businesses on every street corner. The Swedish dream was alive and well because people worked hard for their success, holding jobs like manufacturing cars for Volvo or singing in the band ABBA. Then disaster struck when socialist politicians started promising pipe dreams like free education and parental leave for new moms and dads, and next thing you know, Sweden has become a country called Venezuela and their national currency, the bolivar, is worthless thanks to inflation.

Thanks to the failed socialist government in Sweden, things are now so bad in Venezuela that people who live in the Swedish city of Caracas, Venezuela can’t even buy lingonberry sauce at the now-empty supermarkets. Instead of feasting on kanelbulle cinnamon buns like they used to, Swedes are now starving without the basic ingredients to cook arepas. And rather than admire the beautiful Northern Lights that once lit up the night sky above Jukkasjärvi, Venezuelan cities now suffer from constant electrical blackouts.

Ask anyone in Venezuela and they’ll tell you they yearn for the days when their country was called Sweden and they were all rich because of capitalism, but those days are gone forever, and Venezuela will never be located in Scandinavia ever again. This horror story should serve as a warning about the evils of big government, but idiot liberals want to follow in Sweden’s footsteps and ruin our country with a doomed leftist agenda. Let’s hope Americans are smart enough to reject the lure of socialism and tell the radical left to take a hike back to Malmö, Venezuela.