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Photos Of Everyday People Before And After They Signed The Release Form

Prepare to be amazed at how signing one legal release form utterly changes the way these regular people look!

What a difference a signature makes! Julia doesn’t even look like the same person after filling out the release form!

It’s amazing how drastically written authorization to use your image alters your appearance.

Signing a release form changes the way your whole face looks…it’s stylish and empowering!

Look at the difference in Derek’s face just minutes after he signed the release form. Unrecognizable!

Greta was beautiful already, but just watch her face change after she signs a binding document.

Dylan’s 16, so his mom signed the release form. Wait…where did her son go? And who’s this handsome man in his place?

Witness the transformative power of signing the release form!

The metamorphosis blows our minds every time.

Will you sign the release form?