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Place Your Bets: Vegas Oddsmakers Are Putting 5:1 Odds Against Viewers Of The McGregor-Mayweather Fight Finding The Contentment They Seek Through Violence

The internet is absolutely buzzing about the epic boxing showdown between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. this Saturday, and the bets are flying in from everywhere. But despite all the excitement surrounding the highly anticipated fight, Vegas oddsmakers are putting huge, 5 to 1 odds against viewers of the McGregor-Mayweather fight finding the contentment they seek through violence.

Hear that, gamblers? If you think watching the fight will only briefly fire the pleasure center of your brain, leaving behind an aching, cavernous emptiness, get your bets in now!

Money is already pouring into Vegas on this line, suggesting that viewers are confident that the fleeting sense of joy they get from two men beating the living hell out of each other will evaporate immediately after the final bell, leaving them more desolate than they were before. Experts anticipate the odds to continue to climb ahead of fight time, as boxing fans appear resigned that the sense of order and purpose created by one man trying to destroy another is merely an apparition that only highlights the frightening moral ambiguity ever present in the world around us all. So if you think you’ll be an emotional husk after experiencing the animal thrill of seeing a man’s blood spill on the canvas, you might want to get your money in now.

Oddsmakers have also pointed out that all McGregor-Mayweather gamblers are chasing another false idol, and any quick money they win will only sink them further into the abyss of despair. Only in Vegas!

The McGregor-Mayweather fight will be one of the biggest spectacles in sporting history, and could set records for most money wagered in a boxing match ever. Whether you hope to win big by betting that two men destroying each other for money will lead to sustained happiness or you just want to play it safe and go with the odds, it’s time to put your money in the pot. We’ll see what happens come Saturday!