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Please Tag All Cookout Photos With #Cookout So Fans Like Me Can Find Them More Easily

The sun’s shining, the grills are going, and everyone’s got an ice-cold beer in their hand. It’s summertime in America, and that means cookouts are in full swing. You’ll probably find yourself at a cookout sometime in the next few weeks, and when you do, I just have one humble request: Please tag all photos with #cookout so that big fans like me can find them more easily.

You see, cookout season is very exciting for cookoutiacs like me. There’s so much great cookout content all over social media, but it can often be hard to find and organize for those of us who love to follow along. If you snap a pic of some buds marinating some chicken on a grill, or playing a game of beanbag toss while both holding some plump dogs, please tag those with #cookout when posting to Facebook or Instagram. I want to see those pics, as do the rest of the fans. There is nothing worse than a golden cookout pic getting lost in the shuffle.

A couple of quick clarifications: If you are with friends eating hamburgers, but indoors, that’s not a cookout. Furthermore, grilling hamburgers on your deck by yourself is not a cookout either. Neither is eating with friends on a restaurant patio, regardless of what you order. Please don’t tag these types of photos with #cookout, because that will just slow me down.

That being said, when in doubt, just tag it #cookout. I’d rather look at a non-cookout pic than miss out on a real nice one.

There is nothing worse than a golden cookout pic getting lost in the shuffle.

I know I’m asking for a lot here, but if you are making shish kabobs, I’d be eternally grateful if, in addition to your #cookout tag, you would also tag your picture #shishkabobcity. I simply go wild for pictures with shish kabobs in them. Adding that tag will help me prioritize my cookout picture viewing when I finally sit down to pore over these things.

I’m not asking you to go back through all your old Instagram and Facebook pics from years past and add the #cookout hashtag. I would be eternally grateful if you did, of course, but I realize that would be a lot of work. Would I love to see some cookout pics from the 1980s? Oh, you better believe it. But I’m sure there will be enough pics of people eating potato salad while sitting on a beer cooler this summer to feed my considerable appetite.

Okay! So, get out there and head to a cookout or organize one yourself, and snap as many pics as you can! Add that #cookout tag when posting to Instagram and you’ll make a lot of us cookout fans very happy. I may never like or comment on your photos, but you’ll know I saw them from afar, printed them out, and covered my room with them.

Enjoy your summer! And enjoy your cookouts!