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Potter Fans Rejoice! A New Edition Will Have Pages That Feel Like The Characters’ Skin

Get ready to experience Hogwarts like never before! Earlier this morning, J.K. Rowling announced plans to release a new edition of the Harry Potter series that will contain pages that look and feel exactly like the characters’ skin!

Rowling took to Twitter to share the news with Potter fans everywhere:


Rowling’s publisher issued a press release confirming the announcement and also revealing that all seven books will be re-released over the next few months, with each containing synthetic leather pages that resemble exactly how the author envisioned her characters’ skin. So, whether you feel like rubbing up against Hagrid’s bristly arm hair or pinching Professor Snape’s cold cheeks, these new editions promise something for every Harry Potter fanatic!

Even cooler is that as the characters age, so do the pages! While the Dumbledore pages may start off slightly wrinkled in book one, they’ll become even wrinklier over time, and even start to decay a little bit by book seven. An experience this lifelike will make you feel as if you’ve been sorted into Gryffindor yourself!

The skin-edition of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone will begin shipping next month. Fans are encouraged to take special care of each book, as any blunt trauma could cause bruising. It is also recommended that fans store the books in a cool, dark place so as to minimize the odor.

We. Can’t. Wait.