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PR Disaster: Proactiv Is Under Fire After It Was Discovered That All The Pimples It’s Made Vanish From People’s Faces Have Been Appearing On One Man Chained Up In Its Headquarters

For the millions of people suffering from acne, Proactiv may have once seemed like a godsend. But the company’s reputation recently took a serious hit: Proactiv has come under fire after it was discovered that all the pimples the company has made vanish from customers’ faces have been appearing on one man chained up in its headquarters.

Yikes, looks like Proactiv has a full-blown PR disaster on its hands.

The controversy spread like wildfire on Twitter this morning, when an employee at the Proactiv corporate office leaked the following photo:

As soon as the image leaked, people started hammering Proactiv for its deceit, as customers felt betrayed to learn that Proactiv’s products weren’t getting rid of whiteheads as advertised, but rather transferring them over to the body of a man currently chained up in a laboratory in the company’s corporate headquarters. It wasn’t long before the hashtag #ProactivMonster began trending on Twitter, with many former Proactiv users voicing their outrage at the company:

Proactiv has got to be in total damage-control mode after these revelations. Other companies take note: This is why transparency is always the best policy. We do not envy Proactiv’s PR team, because it’s going to need to work overtime if it has any chance of getting back in the public’s good graces.