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Pretty Pointless: This Woman Who Lived To Be 107 Died Anyway

South Carolinians said goodbye to their oldest resident last week when Marian O’Connor of Charleston passed away. Born before World World I, O’Connor lived to the age of 107, which turned out to be pretty goddamn pointless because she died anyway.

Damn. What a huge fucking waste of time.

O’Connor attributed her long life to going on daily walks around her neighborhood, even though going on all those walks makes no sense if she was just going to go ahead and kick the bucket anyway. She might as well have just peaced out at a normal age because everything’s pretty much the same with her as it was 20 years ago.

A funeral service will be held for O’Connor this weekend, and no doubt it will be attended by friends and family members confused about why she bothered to live past 100 just to throw the whole thing out the window by croaking regardless. She didn’t even bother living to a nice round number like 110. Honestly, whatever.