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Privacy Win! Levi’s Has Finally Developed Jeans That People Wearing Contact Lenses Cannot See Through

As a consumer, it can be hard nowadays to know whether big corporations have your best interests in mind. Thankfully, one brand actually does, and it’s taken its customers’ privacy to the next level: Levi’s has finally invented jeans that people wearing contact lenses cannot see through.

Security FTW!

According to the company, Levi’s latest collection of denim pants aims to block anyone who wears contact lenses from peering through your jeans and seeing anything on the lower half of your body, from your genitals to your ankles. Thanks to recent innovations in Levi’s denim technology, designers say you’ll always know when someone is looking at your pantsless legs, because the only way that people wearing corrective eyewear are going to see them is if you take off your jeans and show them.

Yes! This is a huge day for privacy advocates.

“Our new contact-proof jeans are the first-ever jeans from Levi’s that are sure to make it look like you’re always wearing pants to absolutely everyone in the room,” reads the description of the new jeans on the Levi’s website. “Whether you’re wearing them during an important meeting at work or just walking outside to get the mail, these jeans will leave you feeling confident that people who have contacts won’t be snickering at you all day because they’re able to look at your underwear right through your pants.”

Incredible. It’s nice to see that Levi’s is finally putting its customers first and protecting them from anyone and everyone who wants to use their contact lenses to look past their pants and see what’s underneath. Our hats are off to you, Levi’s—we can’t wait to see what other clothing you make pervert-proof next!