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Progress FTW! After Barring Jewish Members For Over 150 Years, This Charleston Country Club Has Switched To Renewable Energy

In a world still rife with discrimination, it’s always great to come across institutions that are open-minded enough to question their traditions and implement serious change. Today, we can add Brandywine Country Club in Charleston, South Carolina, to that progressive list. After barring Jewish members for over 150 years, Brandywine is finally switching to renewable energy.

Way to go green, Brandywine!

For well over a century, Brandywine has rejected all applicants who identify as Jewish and paid little mind to water usage or conserving resources. But this morning, the club’s Board of Trustees has bucked tradition and pledged to transition its facilities to be carbon neutral. That means all the exclusively Christian members will soon be using solar-powered golf carts, a geothermal clubhouse, and a golf course fertilized with converted biosolid waste. Now that’s how you show your commitment to helping the planet!

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Brandywine is far from the only country club that’s guilty of imposing an anti-Semitic application process and damaging local ecology with unsustainable construction plans. But now, 152 years after the club first escorted a Jewish guest from their grounds, they’re part of a growing movement of courses seeking certification from the Golf Environmental Organization. This is what progress looks like!

So awesome to see a private business doing a right thing. We just hope other country clubs take notice and follow suit!