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Progress FTW: Now That She’s Sure Her Daughter’s Tomboy Thing Was Just A Phase, This Mom Is Speaking Out About How Cool She Was With It

Raising a child in this day and age can be hard, but thankfully, parents are learning more techniques to be both progressive and supportive. One inspiring woman, 56-year-old Laurie Holland, is doing just that in an amazing way: Now that she’s sure her daughter’s tomboy thing was just a phase, this mom is speaking out about how cool she was with it!

Wow, it’s so nice to see a mother who is brave enough to be unconditionally accepting of her child in hindsight!

Yep, now that her daughter, Kelly, has ditched her oversize cargo shorts and started wearing cute summer dresses, this progressive mom is happy to tell everyone she meets that she once had a rough-and-tumble tomboy for a kid, and that she was totally there for it! Ever since her only child started hanging out with more girls at school, Laurie has been spreading the word about how cool she was with basically raising a son the past 16 years of her life, because she knew Kelly would grow out of that phase eventually.

“The day I caught Kelly trying on heels instead of combat boots, I thought I was going to cry,” said Laurie, emphasizing that the switch just kind of came out of nowhere because nothing she said would have changed her daughter’s mind anyway. “It used to be so funny when she would play in the mud and we’d just have to pull her out of there! What little girl does that, you know? And the whole time I thought it was so funny!”

“When she used to have short hair, everyone would compliment me on my little boy,” she added. “But look at her now! What a beautiful woman she’s become.”

In fact, this Mom of the Year is so gung ho with her daughter’s identity that she proudly displays a framed photo of her little spitfire holding a freshly caught sea bass up on the living-room mantel, right next to a newer, larger photo of Kelly all dressed up for prom with makeup and everything. You tell ’em, Laurie!

Okay, wow! Laurie is seriously the best. We wish all young girls who were briefly tomboys in middle school had someone like her to support them. The world definitely needs more Lauries, so parents, take note!