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Quick-Thinking Hero: When This Family Drove Off The Road And Into A Lake, God Lifted Their Car From The Water And Placed It On Land

If you’ve been waiting for your feel-good read of the day, here’s one that went from near-tragedy to one of the most inspiring stories ever! When this family’s car plunged from the road into a lake, God acted fast and lifted them all safely onto dry land.

On the last leg of David and Laura Colwell’s road trip through New Hampshire with their two young daughters, disaster struck. Rounding a hairpin turn, David hit a patch of gravel. The car went careening sideways through the barrier and into the lake below, and in a matter of seconds, the vehicle was completely submerged.

That’s when God sprang into action. After hearing the splash of the car striking the water, the heroic Johnny-on-the-spot immediately told a motorist to call 911, then ran to the lake where the car was sinking fast. God didn’t waste a moment. He reached into the lake, lifted the car up and out of the water, and then carried it through the air and placed it down safely on the shore.

Amazing. It was a really close call, but the Colwells owe their lives to God’s quick thinking and selfless courage!

Even though it can seem like genuine heroes are harder and harder to find, this is another reminder that sometimes, a kind stranger in the right place at the right time is all you need. We could all definitely learn something about bravery from God.