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#RE2PECT: This Couple Named Their Child ‘Baseball Person’ In Honor Of Derek Jeter

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter played his last game this Sunday, marking the end of his phenomenal 20-year career in Major League Baseball. While many fans paid tribute to Jeter by tweeting with the hashtag #RE2PECT, one New York couple showed their admiration for the veteran player by naming their child “Baseball Person” in his honor.

“My husband and I have always been big Yankees fans, and we love Jeter,” said Julia Glisman, who gave birth to a baby boy this Sunday, just a few hours before Jeter took the field for his final game. “With him retiring this year, we both agreed that naming our son Baseball Person would be a nice way for us to commemorate his career and to show how much we loved watching him play over the years.”

“Even if Jeter’s retiring, it’s nice to know that his legacy lives on in Baseball Person’s name,” added Julia’s husband, Marcus. “Best of all, I know our little Baseball Person will always be able to take pride in the fact that he’s named after a real baseball legend. Even if we sometimes call him BP for short.”

Isn’t that sweet? A truly moving tribute to a baseball great, and a testament to the many lives Jeter had an impact on during his time on the diamond. Time to add Baseball Person to the list!

Congratulations to the new parents and to the legendary No. 2 himself!