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Reignite The Falklands War And 4 Other Plans For A Perfect Day In Buenos Aires

If you only have 24 hours to spare in the capital of Argentina, you can’t experience it all, so make sure you experience the best. Here’s your guide to spending a perfect day in Buenos Aires.

1. Head to Buenos Aires’ renowned Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Merced and tell everyone to chill with the God thing: If you are in Buenos Aires, you have to visit this historic 18th-century cathedral to encourage locals and tourists alike to tone down the Christ stuff. Let them know their whole spiritual thing is all well and fine, but just not to be weird about it or anything.

2. Go to the American embassy to talk Ray Donovan with the Marines on duty: No visit to Buenos Aires would be complete without a discussion of the Showtime hit Ray Donovan with the Marines on duty at the American embassy. Stuck on how to get the Donovan ball rolling? Consider discussing how Ray’s hard-nosed past as a Boston thug makes him complicated but also sympathetic.

3. Offer to take people’s trash to the Chilean border and dump it on the other side: You can feel like a true Argentinian yourself by taking bags of trash, driving them over to the Chilean border, and hurling them past the border guards onto Chilean soil. Upon your return to Buenos Aires, you’ll be heralded as a hero for your valiant efforts. Take that, Chile!

4. Accept that you got on the wrong plane: You boarded the wrong flight and didn’t realize you were headed to Argentina until you landed. Might as well make the most of it! Odds are, people in Argentina haven’t even heard of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Don’t offend them by leaving for Tulsa so quickly after you get to Buenos Aires. Tulsa will always be there. Buenos Aires won’t.

5. Reignite the Falklands War: The verdict is in: There’s just no better way to experience Argentine culture than to declare war on Great Britain over the Falkland Islands. Invading and occupying a desolate, nearly uninhabitable string of islands in the South Atlantic that are ever-present reminders of the colonial era will let you relive Buenos Aires’ unique history in a way that vineyard tours or theater performances just won’t be able to!