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Remember The Kid Who Played Beans On ‘Even Stevens’? Come On, Please Baby, Try To Remember

Remember the kid who played Beans on Even Stevens? You’ll never guess what he looks like now! You remember Beans, don’t you? The silly neighbor on Even Stevens? Come on, please, baby, try to remember. 

Think, baby. Beans.

When you see Beans all grown up, it will absolutely shock you, but before you can see what he looks like now, you need to remember who he is. It’s been so long since you last saw him on Even Stevens, but he’s in there. Please, baby, just give it a try. Think back. Don’t give up.

Here, look at this picture of Beans from when he was on the show. Maybe this will help.

Back then, he was so young and wiry, and some might even say…a bit funny looking. Doesn’t this photo ring any bells? Come on, baby. He was your favorite character. He would always walk into the Stevens’ home uninvited, and your face would light up whenever he came on screen.

But he doesn’t look anything like this now. He looks so much older. He looks so much different, you won’t even believe it. But first, baby, you need to remember Beans.

Please, baby…why can’t you remember Beans?

You know what? Close your eyes and just listen. Does that sound make you think of anyone?  It’s an armpit fart sound, baby. The sound of Beans! The sound he made to win the Little Mr. Stockton Pageant in your favorite episode! Don’t you remember spending hours on the couch watching the Disney Channel and laughing at Beans?

Come on, baby. If you don’t remember Beans, then it won’t even matter to you that he did a total transformation since you last saw him. Please, baby. Dig deep and remember him. Please.

Still nothing, baby? Never mind. It’s okay. The doctor will come by any second now to see how you’re doing. Maybe you’ll remember Beans after some rest, and then you can finally see what he looks like now. It will absolutely blow your mind. You just need to remember…