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Representation FTW! This Drowning Man Is Disproving The Stereotype That All Italians Can’t Die

It’s time to swallow your words, bigots, because this story conflicts with everything you believe in. After deciding to take a swim in the choppy waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this drowning man is disproving the stereotype that all Italians can’t die.

So much yes. Take that, racists!

Seriously, can we stop with the idea that Italians don’t perish just like the rest of us? Dominick Russoni, the man whose lungs are filling to the brim with water at this very moment, is hard proof that all stereotypes in which Italians live forever are harmful lies. Just look at how his arms waving frantically above the water have begun to lose their fervor—this Florence native is clearly in the sweet embrace of death.

It’s 2017, and the prejudiced thinking that Italians are immortal just doesn’t fly anymore. Dominick’s head plunging under the surface for the final time will be a strong rebuke of people who walk up to Italians and ask them insensitive questions like “What will you and your family do when our sun explodes and destroys the Earth?” or “Did you know Charlemagne?” And that’s a better world that we all want to live in.

It’s time to put the hateful misconceptions to bed. Thank you, Dominick! Your drowning is major progress for Italians everywhere!