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Rough Start To The Royal Wedding: The Officiant Just Introduced Meghan Markle As ‘Michael Morgle’

It’s hard to imagine a more high-pressure situation than officiating a royal wedding that hundreds of millions of people are watching, and that pressure is clearly getting to officiant Justin Welby, who in his opening address just introduced bride Meghan Markle as “Michael Morgle.” After announcing the groom, Prince Henry of Wales, with no issue, Welby briefly paused and appeared to draw a blank before suddenly blurting out the botched pronunciation of Markle’s name at a deafeningly loud volume. Although Markle seemed to take the flub in good stride, there was a visible twinge of annoyance in her face moments later when Welby proceeded to describe her as the “daughter of Torgle Morgle and Dorgiss Ragtard.”

As the archbishop of Canterbury, Welby is certainly no stranger to officiating weddings, so here’s hoping he’s able to find his groove soon and avoid any further phonetic butchering of the bride’s name.

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