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Sandra Bullock Perfectly Shut Down A Reporter Who Asked Her For A Haircut

Interviewers, you’ve been warned: If you ask Sandra Bullock a stupid question, she’s going to let you know.

During a press junket for her upcoming film, Our Brand Is Crisis, one entertainment reporter asked the actress to give him a haircut, and she informed him just how rude that question was. Check out her perfect response:

Interviewer: Will you please cut my hair?

Bullock: I wouldn’t know where to begin. I am not a barber trained in the art of cutting hair, and I might give you a bad haircut. I am an actor, and actors are not barbers. No, I will not cut your hair. Go to a barber for haircuts.


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You said it, Sandra! Hopefully, this will teach the media that it’s not okay to ask actresses for a trim. They are talented performers there to answer questions about their movie, not to serve as your own personal hairstylist. Ask them about how they prepared for the role, or talk about the film’s plot. Don’t tell them to shorten your bangs or fix your sideburns.

And the next time an interviewer thinks he can get away with telling an actress to clean up his neckline, Sandra set a good example of how to respond to ignorance.

Mic freaking dropped.