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Scandal: Senator Harry Reid Texted Illicit Photographs Of His Tail To A Female Intern

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may have found himself in hot water this week after rumors began circulating that he sent a cell phone picture of his tail to a female intern.

According to the intern, Sen. Reid sent the photograph, which clearly featured him in front of a mirror exposing his tail, unsolicited at 3 a.m. The intern immediately sent the picture to D.C. news outlet POLITICO, setting the wheels of yet another Washington sex scandal in motion. It didn’t take long for the shocking image to wind up all over the internet.

Sen. Reid has already confirmed that the tail in the picture is his, and that he sent the photograph. The congressman issued an apology earlier today:

“I deeply regret sending out a picture of my tail this morning. My behavior was wildly inappropriate and not befitting a member of the United States Senate, and is especially disgraceful coming from the Senate Majority Leader. I apologize to everyone involved and resolve to conduct myself in a more professional manner going forward.”

At this point, it’s unclear if Sen. Reid’s political career will be able to recover from this misstep. That picture of his tail is all over the internet now, and it’s not going to go away. It may be a tough hole to climb out of.