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Science FTW! NASA Just Posted A Tweet Announcing That They’re Thinking About Doing A Lunar Eclipse Tonight If There’s Any Interest

Get excited, stargazers, because it looks like there may soon be an extraordinary cosmic event coming to the night sky: NASA just posted a tweet announcing that they’re thinking about doing a lunar eclipse tonight if there’s any interest.

Wow! Prepare to be astonished!

Earlier today, NASA put some feelers out into the Twitterverse to see if people would be down to witness some sort of once-in-a-lifetime outer space phenomenon tonight, letting fans offer input as to what they’d like to see:

NASA went on to note that while it’s only necessary to wear protective glasses for solar eclipses, people are more than welcome to wear them for tonight’s lunar eclipse if it’ll make the experience more fun. They also added that they haven’t yet decided what color the moon will be, but they’re leaning towards a soft, eerie green.


It’s clear that NASA knows exactly what the people want, and looks like the stage is set tonight for a total lunar eclipse (aka, apocalypse moon) for the ages, so be sure to keep your eyes turned towards the sky. Should be truly special!