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Science FTW! Researchers Taught This Gorilla Sign Language And He Immediately Came Out As Gay To His Father

Prepare to have your mind blown!

Scientists at the San Diego Zoo have made a tremendous leap forward. After working for over three years with a 270-pound gorilla named Sampson, researchers say he is now able to fully express over 1,500 signs of modified sign language and has even come out as a homosexual to his father!

Wow. Science FTW!

While many gorillas are able to learn simple words such as “ball” and “lettuce,” Sampson is a special case. His language skills have progressed to the point that he can actually sign full sentences and express all the thoughts needed to tell his father the truth about his sexuality.

According to the researchers, Sampson was in an enclosure with his father, Max, when they witnessed his miraculous breakthrough. He approached his father, and as the other gorillas in the facility looked on, he signed out his first complete sentence: “Me gorilla love man gorilla.”

Simply incredible!

While his father is incapable of comprehending sign language, the researchers are very excited to continue their work with him so that one day he might understand Sampson’s message.

But for now, science has helped an intelligent young gorilla tell his father who he really is. Nice!