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Seize The Day! 7 Incredible Experiences That Should Be On Every Adventurer’s Bucket List

You only live once, so make sure to check out these amazing experiences while you have time.

1. Swimming and confessing your sins with the dolphins

Looking to have a real adventure? Grab some scuba gear and go diving alongside the ocean’s smartest animal, and tell them everything you’ve done wrong. Dolphins are intelligent enough not to judge you for your mistakes and can see you as a complete person who’s more than just your flaws.

2. Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and saying “Nice”

It took 17 million years for the canyon to form, so it’s definitely worth your time to stand at the top of this American landmark, take a photo of the beautiful expanse in front of you, and say “Nice. Great canyon” at least once in your life.

3. Exploring the Egyptian pyramids, assuming the political situation there has settled down a bit

You can’t miss this ancient wonder, and you should travel there as soon as things in that area get a little bit less dicey. Of course, you could visit now and it would probably be fine, but personally, we wouldn’t go. Just saying.

4. Solving the mystery of Machu Picchu

A glowing apparition has been disturbing visitors at the Incan ruins, and it’s up to you to discover whether it’s really a ghost or just a devious trick by those Danish businessmen looking to open a gold mine there.

5. Journeying across China and writing a bestselling memoir called Eastward & Inward: A Story Of Growth, Love, And Loss

You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t embark on a transformative trek across China and chronicle your saga in a book that Jonathan Safran Foer will call “vivid, evocative, and deeply moving.”

6. Eating ice cream

If you want an incredible treat that beautifully combines unique taste, texture, and temperature, you’ve got to experience ice cream at some point in your lifetime. There are hundreds of flavors and endless combinations of toppings to try. And just when you think you’ve seen all that ice cream has to offer, along come sorbet and gelato.

7. Falling into the La Brea Tar Pits so your bones can be discovered by future paleontologists

Let’s face it: Nothing beats plummeting into this famous California attraction so that your intact skeleton can be put on display in a museum thousands of years from now.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go out there and begin your adventures!