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Senator Delivers MIC-DROP SPEECH To Congress About How Viral This Video Will Go

It’s official: The #Resistance has a new queen, and her name is Anita Hawkins.

If you don’t know this badass Democratic senator from California, do yourself a favor and educate yourself ASAP. She is fearless and unapologetically fierce, and she just went OFF on Drumpf and the ENTIRE GOP in a mic-drop speech to Congress about how absolutely insanely viral the video of her speech will go!

Check it out:

Your move, Mitch McConnell.

As bad as things are with Trump in office and the GOP in charge of Congress, thank GOD we have fearless progressives like Anita Hawkins who aren’t afraid to stand up to evil in short little viral video clips that will get them thousands of followers on social media. The #Resistance is in good hands!