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Shameful: The Prime Minister Of India Changed His Twitter Account To Look Identical To Ron Perlman’s Just To Get More ‘Hellboy’ Fans Following Him

When it comes to gaining a political edge over opponents, some politicians have no problem resorting to underhanded and downright shameful tactics. Such is the case with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who, it was just revealed, recently changed his Twitter account to look exactly like Ron Perlman’s in a shameful bid to get more Hellboy fans following him.

Twitter has suspended Prime Minister Modi’s fake Perlman account, but the PM’s disgrace lives on in internet perpetuity thanks to a plethora of screenshots taken by outraged citizens:

Modi was particularly effective when he took aim at political rivals.

Knowing what we know now, tweets like these are a disgrace to PM Mudi and an embarrassment for the entire nation of India:

Yikes. This type of behavior is totally unbecoming of a world leader. Prime Minister Modi has since deleted the deceptive tweets and stopped trying to impersonate Ron Perlman on Twitter, but if he hadn’t been caught, who knows how long he would have kept manipulating the passionate Hellboy fanbase to gain votes and political influence. Hopefully, with the help of vigilant watchdog organizations, this will be the last time that a world leader impersonates Ron Perlman for political gain.