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She Could Use A Lesson In Post Engagement: Grandma Just Announced Grandpa’s Passing In The Comments Of A Photo Of Some Bison Her Sister Posted On Facebook In 2014

Facebook can be a useful tool for communicating important information in an efficient manner, but not everyone knows how to use it to its full potential. Case in point: Grandma just announced Grandpa’s passing in the comments of a photo of some bison her sister posted in 2014. 

What? Seems like Grandma has a lot to learn about post engagement.

The fact that Grandma announced the death of the man that she had been married to for 68 years by commenting, “R.I.p Herschel Stewart,,, ‘PAPAW’ he Will bemissed,” under a blurry photo of two distant bison that her sister took on her trip to Yellowstone nine years ago that has zero Likes really illustrates that the woman has no clue how to harness the full potential of her social media feeds. So far, the incredibly important post only has a single Wow react from someone Grandma doesn’t even know, which indicates nearly no one in her feed has seen the post or, if they have, they’ve glossed over it because her message wasn’t communicated in a clear and engaging way. 

The list of mistakes that Grandma made here are myriad, but let’s start with the most obvious: This announcement would have performed best in her main feed. A simple post announcing the news of Grandpa’s passing paired with a carefully selected photo of Grandpa looking like a badass when he was in the Navy uploaded around 11:30 AM CST would have been all Grandma needed to get the algorithm’s ball rolling with some Heart and Sad reacts, and from there, she could have driven further engagement by responding to her followers’ questions about what happened and where the memorial service is going to be in the comments. 

There are times when commenting on someone’s post can actually be great for boosting your engagement, but a decade-old photo on the page of a woman with 19 Facebook friends who’s been dead for three years is simply about the worst place to do it. Grandma even tried to salvage her underperforming post by taking a screencap of it and posting it as her header image, which really hammers home just how much help she needs engaging her audience. A simple, digestible, heartfelt post such as, “The love of my life died today after 68 years of marriage. My heart is broken but also full with wonderful memories of our years together,” in her main feed would’ve undoubtedly attracted way more attention and spread the word of Grandpa’s passing more efficiently. 

C’mon, Grandma. Grandpa deserved better than this. 

The clock is ticking for Grandma to realize the error of her ways while Grandpa’s death is still fresh and get a post up that really does justice to a man who fought in the Korean war and raised seven kids on a farmer’s income. This isn’t a post about baking a batch of gingerbread cookies or a trip to Branson here, Grandma. This is Grandpa’s life. Let’s get it together and give him the memorial post that will get those Likes and Shares up to respectable numbers fitting for a great man like Grandpa.