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Sometiem It Fun To Just Grab Bontles Of Wine And Co,potuer And Spend Weekened In Bathtube (by Queen Elizabeth II)

Longing Into compenter PASSSWOD Charles1948


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Greenting’s! Well it was finally doing spting and the wather is nice so I finallyt enjoy takingg comptuer outside into garden and fillnany sit on capter inside her gararent and eat tomtitjo whils brownsing ,onbline Unfortunet thrr;s a lot of beesting onto my Body I would say that not  relanxing feeling even with doing com-purntet to distract form the fel’ing actutal I have gogget sunbrun ond beesting so manY that not good and noit worht it is actuakly not broth worth it and Not, worth it ,


BUT DO YOU KOWn what is wroth it??, Sprend weekend in thatbuth Takeing many bontle of wine, chese slice, small Man   , d  k.    Bathtube  m



J \u

BAthrube much Saver than graden because the water prontects you from bees, lice, and other misfits

go into bathrube fell nighce on you;re body becaune relanxing and also cleanly ,go away grease on yoy hair, go away driert on yo;ree finkernail, no lint anymore ,body lS SO relanxed taH you cen silply dreaem of compurer and use comperter at same time , entier weekemd in bathtube is the Week-end for me !

It has been n said That my middle name is Whin , because I love ot have a bontle or two in the bahtubre And if [email protected]! White wine, red, wine, tant wine, even the kind that Had mostly corks , if there is a Clipboard that says wine sign me up honey!!! Bacause Thes wine train is chugging down the tracks and the destibation is The Bathrub , The Bealtes once sing“Watert on the skin nad wine In the intestrine, this is What God wants! Dont do anything else!” Ok! ,

Just gonna need aboun t 100000 towel;s when I get out becasuase I am goin g to be so wet forom soak up so much wather about 2100 galoons of water in my Skin and becadu f u. H b Im so Sucked Iinto my activities on comouter I dont ever wanna leave theeet tube anD go bakc to my job as beign Quen , hope You got enought towel’s

Are bathrube , ,


Are bathrutube comforntable>? YEs ,! Beaucauaeaeaeeaaese the water I s feel war mand I use soap too, a good smell like Hickorish and Galm , “Keep mmy nose happy and my body will be Glab!” Was a old sauing that by olde hupsand Petêrb use to Talk me, ,   , But once you add compuuter to bath  , now we’re talking!! Bacause there’s dozens od things to do on comouter: gmail, email, intenet, twice as bmany things to do on comouer as on not compuetrer that’s for sure! Is conoutert safe in [email protected]? No ,

well I they say you’re never too old to grow a new hobby and I will say, that too, I say they too and that true aand my hobby is…relaxing in ns bahtub on comoutert . !!even after battery die and water get colnd Still feel just as good m , well log off now becasue Internet Minutes at 54$ ,


Her rolyal Hajesty Queuen Eleinbeth LL