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Somteim It Fum Imaging I’m Just Relgular Person Driving Around Bicyle And Eating Bread Snadwich (By Queen Elizabeth II)

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charles1948 passwod

Hrll o ,

it Quenns, and today I am albe to use computew for many hour acutalty I T is technniclay not day because It is 3 AM and I can’t sleep becaude I was sinply so exicated to get into the computar and tell you about this thatr I sometime will abually pretemd that I’m not a queen at all but just rengular persom driving aruond of bikeicycle and eating dandwish made pof bread like normal person .


yes that right! Evan though lief as queen is fillef with luxury such as best pillows, caviarm, and fine chinese , SoOEMtime I imagine life as commoner driving aroundsaying, “hello , I am normal person ride bike with my favorate bread flavoper Sandwich In mouth, horking horm and waering casual bicycle suit , taking big bite of bread, doing trick, wearnf hemlet with rear view mirrow attamched so I can see who is behind me and wave and give thwm bite of sangwich too I do not live in a palace but regunalr house with computr inside and poster of my bicycle o n wall and fridgerantor filled with a bread sandwish,. And alcohol. My job is at Rencular office whare I work job and I have childerm who aren’t prince or princess just regualr kids name Fanty and Prand , the go school and get bad grade. Whan I go dentfist I gotta wait in line like normal person m “

even as young girl it samply delightful to imagine that I can drivev bycycle into pub without anyone know Im royalty , and say “honk honmk, just reuglat lass with glass of liquid amd pipe full of cigarrets here!!, enojying msuic song comping out of musician. And billnards” Sure, not as queen not gonna have a lot of money or scepter, but gonna have a lot of enjoying simple plasures of life such as simg song and gronut .. now



now I not gonna lie, bproi not gonna want to really go that, because I delight to be wueen, but this is just my drean I amagining. I gotta go to on walkiing down strett kicking legs into air , simply cheering and shouting like average woman in her 90s. Not queen or royalty, but just everyday Lodoner , shoulder high in the air , neck stetch, knees twirling around, average day normal person and boyeond,

being just as simple and bread-loving as possible ,

Mayne one had is I normal person I save up many coins foiund in the gutter until I can ride on bicycle to Irelamd on vacation and since I am not quenn this would be de;light me. Try food, see building, take picturter. “ah” I would say. And then I would come homwe 1 day later and go back to work because need to have job.

Do reglart everyday lady and queen go to same heaven when they die? No Body Know. But I image that if I reglar person when I finally pass away that I go to regular pwerason heaven and inside it have the nicest bicycle I ever drive, perfect bread restaurant, and many regular people that I know oin lofe like coworker and uncler. Just basic but simply lcean and nice. It a nice place for relgar dead persom.

Well, that never gonna hampen to me for true ,but that why use imagination is so special to do. You to, if you thionk you wanna be something less, whtehr it better person or worst person, you can just close you’re eyes , get into compouter, and let you imagine it. Look like my cpomoputer run out of gibberbytes, so I will now “log off , “