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Spreading Awareness: Benicio Del Toro Just Created A New Foundation To Educate The Ladies That There Is Only So Much Benicio To Go Around

It’s always heartwarming to see celebrities use their influence for philanthropic purposes, and here’s a story about one A-list actor going above and beyond to raise awareness for an under-supported cause: Benicio del Toro has created a new foundation to educate the ladies that there is only so much Benicio to go around.

Awesome! Now THIS is how you use your platform for good.

Earlier today, the Sicario star announced the launch of a new non-profit called the One At A Time, Please foundation, which aims to educate women around the world about how there is simply not enough time in the day for Benicio to share his love with all of them, no matter how much he wishes he could please each and every lady on God’s green earth. The organization is funded entirely by del Toro himself, who’s using his fortune to jump-start community initiatives that give women the knowledge and resources they need to understand that they must not be greedy with Benicio’s love and that he must be shared, as well as to teach them healthy strategies for biding their time while waiting their turn for Benicio’s kiss. 

“Ladies, you must understand, Benicio can only make so much love on a given night,” said del Toro in a press release announcing the new foundation. “My loins burn for you just as yours burn for me, yet I am only one man, with only one cock, and there are limits to my lovemaking. I have created this foundation to inform all the beautiful, sexy ladies of this world that Benicio cannot have intimacy with all of them at all times, and that they must not be jealous or heartbroken when he brings other women to his bed, for they have waited for his love. Be patient, my darlings, and know that Benicio has more than enough love for everyone. But you must wait.”

“Someday, your time will come,” he continued. “And when it does, Benicio will love you wildly and wholly, with fierceness and tenderness beyond your dreams, and when you feel the pleasures of my lovemaking, you will forget having ever waited to know my bed. I am Benicio, and this is my vow: One day, you shall know me in my nakedness, and you shall cry out with the passion of 1,000 suns once you feel my touch.”  

Wow. What an incredibly generous soul!

The rest of Hollywood should take note, because this is an amazing example of how to use your fame and fortune to make the world a better place. Ladies, you have truly found an ally in Benicio del Toro!