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Staying Relevant: Rolaids Is Stepping Into The Virtual-Reality Arena With A Game Where You Eat A Rolaid

When products fail to adapt to the modern world, they can easily fall out of fashion. Rather than fade into obscurity, one antacid company is staying relevant in the coolest way possible: Rolaids is stepping into the virtual-reality arena with a game where you eat a Rolaid!

Take note, business world. Rolaids is reinventing itself as a VR giant, and kicking ass doing it!

After dips in profits, the antacid company shifted into high gear and hired an incredible team of game designers to create a one-of-a-kind VR experience titled Rolaids: The Swallowing. The immersive game places players into a room with a small table holding a single Rolaid, and with a stunning graphics package, allows players to feel exactly what it’s like to eat one Rolaid in hyperrealistic 3D.

Already customers are more excited about Rolaids than they’ve been in decades, and early adopters are purchasing VR headsets so they can experience game features like walking toward a Rolaid, extending a disembodied hand to pick up the Rolaid, and then throwing the Rolaid at their own face. People who have never bought antacids in their life are reportedly flocking to stores, eager to buy a game that will allow them to both make a Rolaid vanish and hear a booming voice say “Ah, relief” in virtual reality.

Yep! Investors are predicting that Rolaids stock will skyrocket once people play the game and become immersed in a world where you just sit there after eating and enjoying a Rolaid. Should stock prices continue to climb, the company reportedly also hopes to sell expansion packs where players could potentially eat a second or third Rolaid!

Clearly Rolaids realizes that VR is the future, and it’s determined to keep investing to make sure its incredible heartburn-relief game remains popular for years to come. So if you haven’t already, go out there and get this game, and see if you can tell the difference between eating a Rolaid in VR and eating one in real life!