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Stretch Armstrong Is Coming Back! And This Time With Nipples!

If you loved Stretch Armstrong back in the day, get excited, because he’s coming back to stores—and this time he has nipples!

Although production for the original Stretch Armstrong stopped decades ago, manufacturer Hasbro has announced that it wanted to bring the iconic toy back to shelves with more stretchable fun than ever before. A statement on the company’s website says that it is “delighted to be reintroducing a nipple-sporting Stretch to a whole new generation of children.”


According to Hasbro, Stretch Armstrong’s new nipples can stretch up to 30 feet. The company has also announced that the nipples retract extremely slowly, so you can stretch them out to amazing lengths and then watch for hours as the long, long nipples gradually snake their way back to Stretch Armstrong’s chest.

Awesome! Stretch Armstrong’s nipples can stretch to incredibly fun lengths and take hours to retract back to their normal size!

Wow. Why couldn’t this have happened when we were kids? If you’re looking to pick up a Stretch Armstrong reboot for a lucky child in your life, you can expect to see his familiar face on toy store shelves in time for the holiday season. We can’t wait!