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Style Icon? Helen Mirren Looks Perfect Even When Wrestling This Vagrant

The queen herself, Dame Helen Mirren, deigns to grace us with her presence from time to time. And when she does, she’s always looking CLASSY AS HELL.

Just check out this Instagram of the Academy Award-winning actress pinioning a local vagrant in a brutal chokehold:

Amazing! Tear yourself away from her perfect cheekbones for a second and take in her gorgeous camel fur coat, her regal bearing, and her persistent poise as she puts a ruthless finishing move on the unnamed homeless man.

She may be 69 years old, but Helen Mirren is still radiant putting the permanent hurt on hobos half her age, even in the murk of a boarded-up movie theater!

Obviously, people on Twitter are taking notice:

They just don’t make ’em like her anymore. Stay #flawless, Helen Mirren!