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Taking A Stand: Andrew Garfield Has Announced That He Never Wants To Throw Up

Say what you will about celebrities, but one brave A-list actor is taking a stand on a controversial issue.

Hollywood heartthrob Andrew Garfield stated in a recent interview that he’s calling it quits on vomiting, with the Amazing Spider-Man star saying he plans to never throw up again.

“The last time I threw up was in 2008, and I’ve been completely avoiding it since then,” Andrew said in a three-page People magazine spread. “So far, it’s been working out really well for me.”

Wow. It’s so refreshing to see someone in the public eye speak their mind for once!

“It’s just not something I feel comfortable doing anymore,” he added. “To be honest, it never really was. It just got to the point where I looked at myself and asked, why am I still barfing? So I’m done.”

After making the announcement, he stated that he has nothing more to say on the subject, and he has refused to discuss it any further with the press.

Andrew’s fans around the globe are already weighing in with their opinions, and their reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

Incredible. Andrew may no longer be playing a superhero in the movies, but it sounds like he’s moved on to being one in real life!