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Taking Another Crack At Rebranding: Elon Musk Has Changed The Twitter Logo To The Pepsi Logo And Renamed It ‘Pepsi’

If you’re trying to follow all of the seemingly haphazard and occasionally downright confounding changes instituted by Elon Musk since his takeover of Twitter, here’s another major one to take note of: Just days after removing Twitter’s iconic bird logo and rebranding the app as simply “X,” Musk has changed the logo to the Pepsi logo and renamed it “Pepsi.”

Whoa! Looks like Elon Musk isn’t going to stop tweaking things at Twitter until he gets them just to his liking.

The change was announced at 3:23 AM PST last night when Musk tweeted simply, “X is now Pepsi,” with a photo of a giant illuminated Pepsi logo being installed on the roof of the former Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. The company’s url was changed from to, where the landing page shows a Pepsi logo with Pepsi’s official slogan, “THAT’S WHAT I LIKE,” written in condensation-covered blue and red letters underneath it. All references to both Twitter and X have been removed, and the app’s functionality appears unchanged, with the only apparent differences being that tweets are now known as “pepsis” and retweets have been renamed “repepsis.”

Wow. You don’t have to be a total Elon Musk stan to admit that his latest move as the owner of Twitter is definitely a compelling one.

Just like the rebranding of Twitter to X wasn’t without its controversies, Pepsi is undoubtedly going to have its own, not the least of which being that its name, logo, and slogan are already in use by the largest beverage company in the world.  Elon is known for his counterintuitive and iconoclastic thinking, though, so we’re going to wait to see where he’s going with this one before weighing in. It’s definitely going to be interesting to watch how this pans out.