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Taking Care Of Your Elderly Parents Can Be A Beautiful Experience If They’re Very, Very Sexy

I dreaded my parents getting older. I’m not proud to say it, but the idea of having to care for the people I had relied on for so much of my life really freaked me out. But as my parents entered their twilight years and started needing my help, I finally realized something pretty incredible: Taking care of your elderly parents can actually be a beautiful experience if they’re very, very sexy.

My parents are both in their 80s, and while they’re still capable in many ways, they can’t always get by on their own. Caring for them hasn’t always been easy, but it’s given me the rare and valuable opportunity to truly appreciate just how goddamn hot they are. Knowing that our time together is limited makes me appreciate even the most difficult moments, because those glimpses of their perfectly sculpted forms that really get the juices flowing won’t be around forever.

Earlier this year, we made the decision to move my tasty as hell aging parents out of the house I’d grown up in and move them in with my family. Though a difficult process, it gave me the chance to dig out old photo albums from when they were younger and, impossibly, even sexier, with their tanned bodies seemingly built solely to give and receive pleasure. Having them in our home lets us share small, lovely moments together: talking over morning coffee with my ruggedly fuckable father or finishing a crossword puzzle with my sensually curvaceous mother. I’ll admit, I sometimes chafe at the close quarters, but every morning, I get to greet my dad and tell him I love him as he struts his stuff in nothing but a thin cotton towel, and that’s really meaningful.

Caring for them hasn’t always been easy, but it’s given me the rare and valuable opportunity to truly appreciate just how goddamn hot they are.

Although the raw erotic lightning radiating off of my parents is as titillating as it’s ever been, our life together’s not all glamorous. There are plenty of long trips to the doctor, arguments over medication, and reheated family drama, not to mention the occasional run-in with bodily functions. But through all that, I’ve been able to find moments of real beauty, like the quiet intimacy of dabbing the sweat off their flawless skin as I help them through a fever, or the simple joy of helping them pick out an outfit that their erotic physiques will perfectly fill every inch of.

Aging has also changed the nature of our relationship. Although my parents’ bodies are as taut as ever, their minds aren’t always what they used to be, and sometimes I even find myself wondering if that’s still them behind those smoldering bedroom eyes. At the same time, though, this new stage has forced us to relate to each other as adults, and to see each other for what we’ve grown into: me as a husband, father, and provider, and them as jaw-dropping sexpots and drool-inducing, head-turning pieces of grade-A American ass.

So while it’s had its share of challenges, caring for my elderly mom and dad has been one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences of my life. I thank God for every morning my absolute dime piece parents are still with us, and I pray that I have many more years with these super sexy people.