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Tell Me Why You Deserve A Presidential Medal Of Freedom In The Comments. Got A Bunch Of Them Lying Around Still, Could Probably Send Some Out Later On

I’ve long said that awarding our nation’s trailblazers in the arts, sciences, and humanities with a Presidential Medal Of Freedom is among the greatest privileges of being the president. Having the chance to do so was one of the great honors of my lifetime. But now that it’s been a few years since I’ve formally given one out, the couple dozen extras I have lying around my house are beginning to become a headache, and I’m thinking it’s time to get them off my hands. So go ahead and tell me in the comments why you deserve a Presidential Medal Of Freedom—I’ve got a bunch of them in boxes here still, and I could probably send some out later on, like, after dinner I’m thinking.

Don’t be shy. Just fire away in the comments about some of the cool stuff you’ve done that you think warrants a Presidential Medal Of Freedom, and I’ll send one your way. I’m hoping to get the bulk of these sent out either this week or next week, so the sooner you comment, the better.

To be clear, I’m not looking for anything specific as far as what merits one of the medals I got here. Basically whatever you think was an impressive feat or worthy accomplishment is fair game. The main thing is that I’d like to move them ASAP. We’re getting some work done to the house, and Michelle has been on my ass about cleaning out the basement, so moving these boxes of Presidential Medals Of Freedom would be a big thing to check off my list.

As a jumping off point, here are few ideas for accomplishments I came up with off the top of my head, just to help everyone get started:

You’ve lost a lot of weight recently and feel good about that, or you’ve put on a lot of weight recently and feel good about that.

You’ve completed school or you gave it your best shot.

You can do a cartwheel that looks clean. Like you keep your legs straight the whole time.

You have over $8,000 available to you in your checking account, or $8,000 that could be available within the next few days if you moved some stuff around.

You’ve grown your hair out way longer than usual, just to see how it would look. Takes a lot of patience.

You’ve been in a legit motocross race, like in an actual league or official racing circuit.

You’ve met someone famous.

You can still fit into the same size pants from college.

You’ve got all 50 U.S. state quarters still.

You’ve been off social media.

Again, these are just some ideas to get things going. I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I’m not thinking of that would be impressive enough to earn you a medal, so if you have some other feats you want to comment about, I’m all ears.

As for use, the medals are pretty versatile. You can basically do whatever with them. I have a bunch of them around my house that I use pretty much daily as paper weights, coasters, doorstops, stuff like that. They’re paint-free, so they work great as teething toys for both babies and puppies. I’ve given them out as gifts for high school and college graduations, to Michelle for anniversaries, to Sasha and Malia for birthdays or as a reward for when their report cards were good. They’re obviously great to wear to a dance or a ball, for white elephant exchanges, etc. Again, these are just some ideas. Whatever you do with the medals is your business. But my personal review of them couldn’t be higher.

Medals are in mint condition, no scratches. Includes the cloth necklace part and one case.

So go ahead and tell me below why you deserve one of these Presidential Medals Of Freedom. The way this’ll work is I’ll read through as many comments as I can and if I think you’re a good match, I’ll reach out privately to arrange where I can send it, or if you’d prefer to come pick it up, that works too. First come first serve. Do not contact with unsolicited services or offers.