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Thank You! Lawry’s Has Introduced A Seasoned Salt Specifically For Sprinkling On Anuses Prior To Performing Analingus 

Tired of eating bland, nondescript assholes? Well, there’s some good news: Lawry’s has introduced a seasoned salt specifically for sprinkling on anuses prior to performing analingus.


A promotional email sent out by Lawry’s PR announced that the new product, Lawry’s Anus Sprinkle, contains the same famous blend of herbs and spices found in their original seasoned salt, but with an added adhesive to ensure that all that salty goodness sticks to the asshole you’re about to munch. Furthermore, the jar is equipped with a dispenser which perfectly mates to a human sphincter, allowing the salt to be evenly applied both inside and outside that sweet anal buffet.

Thank you, Lawry’s! Our mouths (and our assholes) are watering.

Normally you eat ass when you’re horny, but with this new innovation from Lawry’s, you’re going to want to eat it when you’re just hungry as well. Gone are the days of having to choke down an anus as flavorless as boiled sirloin. We all owe Lawry’s our most sincere gratitude and a big round of applause for this. TYSM!