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The Caitlin Clark Effect: Dick’s Sporting Goods Just Released A Basketball With A Ponytail 

Iowa Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark has had a phenomenal year, and record-setting numbers of people have been tuning in to watch. This major boost of attention to women’s basketball is being dubbed “The Caitlin Clark Effect,” and it seems like it’s not about to slow down anytime soon. Case in point: Dick’s Sporting Goods just released a basketball with a ponytail.

This is so awesome!!

Thanks to Caitlin Clark’s incredible record-breaking performances, it’s beyond clear that basketball isn’t just for boys anymore, and now there’s a basketball that proves it. According to a press release from Dick’s, the ball is made of 100 percent authentic leather and horsehair, so girls can spend the day on the courts practicing passing, shooting, or French braiding. With three different hair lengths to choose from—the “Caitlin Clark,” the “Angel Reese,” and the “Serena Williams”—there’s no doubt this ball will help get girls interested in the sport.

“For too long, women’s basketball has been overlooked. Girls grow up assuming basketball is a boy’s game, which is probably because basketballs look like boys’ heads. Well, now basketballs look like girls’ heads too,” said a spokesperson for Dick’s Sporting Goods, adding, “It doesn’t hurt the basketball when you touch the hair. In product testing, some children thought it would hurt the ball. But it doesn’t.”

So much yes!! If you’ve got a daughter or niece in your life, be sure to pick her up one of these!