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The Cost Of Feminism: This Single Mother Has Been In Labor For Two Months Because The Father Isn’t There To Tell Her To Push

There is nothing that makes a feminist more enraged than the traditional family unit. An activist woman will even do things to her own detriment just to make sure that the father of her child has no influence in their lives. Just look at this latest example to see how depraved the feminist movement has gotten: A single mother has been in labor for two months because the father isn’t there to tell her to push.

Hey femi-nazis. This is the result of YOUR agenda.

When Theresa Crews drank the feminist Kool-Aid and had a child via anonymous-donor in vitro fertilization, she clearly glanced over the fact that there would be no way for her to completely birth her child without a husband present in the delivery yelling for her to push. Now, eight weeks into labor because a strong male presence isn’t there to tell her he can almost see the baby crowning and that she can do this, you can bet this “liberated” woman wished she had the soothing, resonant voice of a male husband guiding her through childbirth. Even if she does miraculously deliver this baby sometime within the next year, who exactly does she think will cut the umbilical cord if the father isn’t there to do so, as per God’s design? Ask any feminist, and we guarantee they won’t have an answer for you either.

Just absolutely awful.

The saddest part is that feminists will spin Theresa’s ongoing residency in the delivery room as a testament to single mothers’ strength, as opposed to direct evidence that there can be no family without a father offering words of encouragement as he films his child’s birth on a camcorder. Ladies, we have to ask, is this the feminist future you want? Because this is what it looks like. We certainly don’t.