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The Darkest Hour Comes Just Before The Dawn: SeatGeek Says There Are No Current Or Upcoming Events For Daughtry in The Greater Chicago Area

In times of total despair, the bravest course of action one can take is to continue onward, in spite of the odds. And it looks like now is such a time: SeatGeek says there are no current or upcoming events for Daughtry in the greater Chicago area. 

Do not lose hope—you’ll need as much of it as you can to make it through this dire season.

The results of your Google search for “chris daughtry concert chicago” may as well have been the image a dead tree in a barren field, as SeatGeek delivered the gutting news that American Idol fourth place runner-up Chris Daughtry has no set dates to perform in Chicago, nor the surrounding metropolitan area, in either the immediate or distant future. And with this devastating pronouncement, so began the darkest night of the soul for any Chicagoan hoping to witness Daughtry perform within a hundred-mile radius anytime soon.

As heart-wrenching as this may be for residents of the City of Big Shoulders, they should not rend their garments in despair but rather cling to their faith more than ever, for it takes but a lucky stroke of fate or a last-minute announcement of a co-headlining show with Sevendust at the House Of Blues to wrest one out of the depths of sorrow and into the cool waters of good fortune. Our greatest trials precede our greatest triumphs, and only those who do not waver in their resolve will know the full joys of seeing Daughtry in all his glorious baldness when he does finally choose to bless the people of the Windy City with a rock ‘n’ roll performance.

As God tested Job, Daughtry now tests you, Chicago. 

Do not give in to the darkness, Daughtry fans who live in Chicago proper or any of the surrounding suburbs, such as Naperville or Berwyn. It is true, yes, that Daughtry will not be bringing his Kid’s Choice Award-nominated melodies to the Second City for many fortnights, but musicians increasingly rely on touring for revenue, and sure as the sun does rise over the Dan Ryan Expressway, so Daughtry will appear again for the corn-fed Illinoisans who love him so. Forge ahead towards the distant light and trust that it will one day deliver you from the Daughtry-free blackness through which you presently stagger. Onward, all ye Daughtry disciples of Chicagoland!