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The Frustrating Limits Of Technology: This Man Would Give These Merino Wool Socks 0 Stars If He Could

Technology makes lots of incredible things possible, but sometimes that only heightens the frustration we feel when its capabilities fall short of human ambition: This man would give these Merino wool socks zero stars if he could.

Buddy, we hear you. It can definitely feel like we’re still living in the Stone Age at moments like these.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jim Rober just wants to convey to other shoppers the limitless disappointment he felt after buying a five-pack of absolutely dogshit Merino wool socks, but unfortunately for him, current technological constraints mean that one out of five stars is as low as his scathing review of the socks can possibly go. This certainly isn’t ideal for Rober; that single star creates a false impression that somewhere within the hole-prone, weird-smelling socks lies a mildly redeeming quality like a good fit or a sturdy, reinforced toe, when such a thing couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s probably just about ready to rip his hair out having his awful experience with the socks misrepresented like that, but no matter how many times he clicks that lone, stubborn star in an effort to make it disappear, the ability to give these socks a zero star review remains nothing more than a pipe dream.

“I just want to make clear that I’m ONLY giving these socks 1 star because I can’t give them the ZERO they deserve!” explained Rober in his review entitled ‘Worst socks I ever bought in my life – DO NOT BUY,’ lest anyone mistake his one star rating for even the faintest of praise. “I got maybe 3 washes out of these before they got holes, and even then they still made my feet way too hot! No way these are real Merino wool. Don’t let my rating fool you – even 1 star is TOO GOOD for these absolute pieces of trash!”

We’re happy he could get his message across in the end, but it sucks that technology was more hindrance than help there.

Perhaps someday technology will progress to a point where Rober’s yet-to-be-born grandchildren can submit a zero star review after buying some truly shitty Merino wool socks. Indeed, perhaps their grandchildren will live to see a day when lumpy, loosely-woven Merino wool socks can actually be given negative stars. But for the agonizing present, Rober is stuck with a cumbersome, deeply flawed rating tool that lags sorely behind what his awful customer experience requires of it.

Looks like technology still has a long way to go before it can adequately express how worthless those socks are. Kudos to Rober for holding it together as well as he did under these extremely frustrating circumstances!