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The Legend Lives On: The Flamingo That Antonin Scalia Was Reincarnated As Just Got A Standing Ovation At An NRA Convention

When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away, he left a tremendous absence that many thought would never be filled. Justice Scalia’s commitment to conservative values and his literal interpretation of the Constitution were a guiding light for the Supreme Court, which is why so many Republicans have reason to celebrate today! The flamingo that Antonin Scalia was reincarnated as just appeared at an NRA rally and received an emotional standing ovation from everyone in attendance!

It looks like Justice Scalia’s incomparable legacy lives on in the body of this wonderful bird!

The incredible moment occurred right at the beginning of the sold-out NRA rally. NRA president Wayne LaPierre came on stage and shouted, “Ladies and gentlemen, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia the flamingo!” as Justice Scalia was carted on stage in a wheelbarrow. As soon as the audience caught sight of his brilliant pink feathers, long spindly legs, and intimidating curved beak, the entire convention hall was on its feet giving the reincarnated judge a well-earned standing ovation!

Justice Scalia then shared an emotional reunion with Justice Neil Gorsuch, who succeeded him on the Supreme Court after Scalia’s human form passed away, and appeared at the rally to present Scalia with a lifetime NRA membership. As he embraced Scalia, the majestic water bird bit Justice Gorsuch on the face, and he had to go to the emergency room. It was Justice Scalia’s playful way of saying, “It’s good to be back! I’m a flamingo now!” Justice Scalia then squawked and flapped his wings as the NRA members in attendance cheered even louder.

This is truly the warm reception this staunch defender of the Constitution deserves as a flamingo!

Here’s hoping that the reincarnated Justice Scalia continues to receive the accolades he deserves from the American people before he has to fly south to the Peruvian wetlands to mate. Until then, it’s wonderful to see Scalia receiving his due tribute in this emotional moment for conservatives across the country!