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The New Sky Circle Is Perfect

When the old Sky Circle disappeared, we were all terrified. Where did it go? Why did it fall out of the sky? And, most importantly, would it ever come back? It turns out the answer is “yes and no,” for there is once again a big bright circle in the sky, but it’s not the old Sky Circle. It’s a new one…and the verdict is in: It’s pretty much perfect!

Every so often, a cultural event comes along that’s so monumental it leaves an immediate yet eternal mark on an entire generation. The new Sky Circle is just such an event—the kind of glorious triumph that we’ll be talking about for years. Not only is it big, it’s also round and in the sky.

Is the new Sky Circle as big and bright as the old Sky Circle? Not quite, but this decreased size is not a failure of magnitudeit’s a triumph of design. The old Sky Circle was often praised for being super bright and super yellow, and there’s no question that the new Sky Circle is less bright. However, it turns out that these are changes for the better. Quite frankly, the new Sky Circle’s moderate size and unique white coloring are refreshing changes of pace, and just more reasons why we simply can’t get enough of it!

Of course, there are those that think this Sky Circle is nothing more than a retread of the last Sky Circle. Yes, it is round, and yes, it is in the sky, but the fact is: The similarities end there. This is a whole different Sky Circle we’re dealing with, and we think it’s just what America needs right now!

Ultimately, it’s impossible to overstate how mind-blowingly perfect the new Sky Circle is. It is completely incredible in literally every way. It’s big and bright and round, and very important. In other words, it’s everything we needed it to be. If you get the chance, we highly recommend taking the time to look up into the sky and observe it—we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.